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433 Magnetic and magnetodielectric properties of epitaxial iron vanadate thin films
D. Zhou, R. Takahashi, Y. Zhou, D. Kim, V. K. Suresh, Y.-H. Chu, Q. He, P. Munroe, M. Lippmaa, J. Seidel, *N. Valanoor, Adv. Electron. Mater.,3, 1600295-1-10,(2017)
432 Microstructure analysis of IrO2 thin films
*X. Hou, R. Takahashi, T. Yamamoto, M. Lippmaa, J. Cryst. Growth,462,24-28,(2017)
431 Structural and ferromagnetic properties of InMnAs thin films including MnAs nanoclusters grown on InP substrates
H. Yoshizawa, *H. Toyota, S. Nakamura, M. Yamazaki, *N. Uchitomi, Thin Solid Films,622,136-141,(2017)
430 E-Selective Dimerization of Phenylacetylene Catalyzed by Cationic Tris(mu-hydroxo)diruthenium(II) Complex and the Mechanistic Insight: The Role of Two Ruthenium Centers in Catalysis
S. Kiyota, H. Soeta, N.Komine, S. Komiya, *M.Hirano, J. Mol. Cata., A: Chemical,,426,419-428,(2017)
429 “Development of Multi-Active Site Catalysts for Surface Concerted Catalysis Aimed at One-Pot Synthesis
K. Motokura*, Bull. Chem. Soc. Jpn.,,90,137-147,(2017)
428 Synthesis of vanadium-alkylidene complexes and their use and catalysts for ring opening metathesis polymerization
K. Nomura, X. Hou, Dalton Trans,46,12-24,(2017)
427 Synthesis of mono, di, and trinuclear rhodium diphosphine complexes containing light-harvesting fluorene backbones
Y. Matsusaka, S. Shitaya, K. Nomura, A. Inagaki, Inorg. Chem. (Communication),,56,1027-1030,(2017)
426 Metal-Support Cooperative Catalysts for Environmentally Benign Molecular Transformations
K. Kaneda, T. Mitsudome, Chem. Rec., ,17,4-26,(2017)
425 Engineering Thin Films of a Tetrabenzoporphyrin toward Efficient Charge-Carrier Transport: Selective Formation of a Brickwork Motif
K. Takahashi, B. Shan, X. Xu, S. Yang, T. Koganezawa, D. Kuzuhara, N. Aratani, M. Suzuki,* Q. Miao,* H. Yamada*, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces,In press,,(2017)
424 Observation of ionomer in catalyst ink of polymer electrolyte fuel cell using cryogenic transmission electron microscopy
Shinichi Takahashi, Junichi Shimanuki, Tetsuya Mashio, Atsushi Ohma, Hajime Tohma, Ayumi Ishihara, Yoshiko Ito, Yuri Nishino and Atsuo Miyazawa, Electrochimica Acta,,In press,,(2017)
423 Microstructural observation of Fuel cell catalyst inks by Cryo-SEM and Cryo-TEM
Junichi Shimanuki, Shinichi Takahashi, Hajime Tohma, Atsushi Ohma, Ayumi Ishihara, Yoshiko Ito, Yuri Nishino and Atsuo Miyazawa, Microscopy,,In press,,(2017)
422 Protein crystallography beamline BL2S1 at the Aichi synchrotron
N. Watanabe, T. Nagae, Y. Yamada, A. Tomita, N. Matsugaki, M. Tabuchi;, J. Synchrotron Rad,24,338-343,(2017)
421 Impurity effects in the microscopic elastic properties of polycrystalline Mg-Zn-Y alloys with a synchronized long-period stacking ordered phase
S. Hosokawa, K. Kimura, M. Yamasaki, Y. Kawamura, K. Yoshida, M. Inui, S. Tsutsui, A.Q.R. Baron, Y. Kawakita, S. Itoh, Journal of Aolloys and Compounds,695,426-432,(2017)
420 Phonon excitations in Pd40Ni40P20 bulk metallic glass by inelastic x-ray scattering
S. Hosokawa, M. Inui, Y. Kajihara, T. Ichitsubo, K. Matsuda, H. Kato, A. Chiba, K. Kimura, K. Kamimura, S. Tsutsui, H. Uchiyama, A. Q. R. Baron , Materials Science Forum,879,767-772,(2017)
419 Surface science at the PEARL beamline of the Swiss Light
Matthias Muntwiler, Jun Zhang, Roland Stania, Fumihiko Matsui, Peter Oberta, Uwe Flechsig, Luc Patthey, Christoph Quitmann, Thilo Glatzel, Roland Widmer, Ernst Meyer, Thomas A. Jung, Philipp Aebi, Roman Fasel, J. Synchrotron Rad.,24,354-366,(2017)
418 光電子ホログラフィーと顕微光電子回折分光
松井文彦, 大門寛, 松下智裕, 触媒,In print,,(2017)
417 一枚の写真
松井文彦, O plus E,,,(2017)
416 Development of optical choppers for time-resolved measurements in soft-X-ray beamlines of synchrotron radiation facilities
Hitoshi Osawa, Takuo Ohkochi, Masami Fujisawa, Shigeru Kimura, Toyohiko Kinoshita, J. Synchrotron Rad. Accepted,,,(2017)
415 Time-resolved soft X-ray core-level photoemission spectroscopy at 880 °C using the pulsed laser and synchrotron radiation and the pulse heating current
T. Abukawa, S. Yamamoto, R. Yukawa, S. Kanzaki, K. Mukojima, I. Matsuda, Surf. Sci. ,656,43-47,(2017)
414 In-Plane Positional Fluctuations of Zinc Atoms in Single Crystal Mg85Zn6Y9 Alloy Studied by X-ray Fluorescence Holography
K. Kimura, K. Hayashi, K. Hagihara, H. Izuno, N. Happo, S. Hosokawa, M. Suzuki, H. Tajiri, Materials Transactions,In press,,(2017)
413 Atomic and local electronic structures of Ca2AlMnO5+δ as an oxygen storage material
G. Saito, Y. Kunisada, K. Hayami, T. Nomura, N. Sakaguchi, Chemistry of Materials,,29,648-655 ,(2017)
412 Characterization of local hydrophobicity on sapphire (0001) surfaces in aqueous environment by colloidal probe atomic force microscopy
T. Wada, K. Yamazaki, T. Isono, T. Ogino, Appl. Surf. Sci.,396,1206-1211,(2017)
411 A Support Construction for CT Image Based on K-Means Clustering
W. Dhammatorn and H. Shioya, Journal of Computer and Communications,5,137-151 ,(2017)
410 First-Principles Molecular Dynamics Analysis of Ligand-Free Suzuki-Miyaura Cross Coupling in Water Solvent: Oxidative Addition Step
T. Hirakawa, Y. Uramoto, D. Mimura, A. Takeda, S. Yanagisawa, T. Ikeda, K. Inagaki, and Y. Morikawa, J. Phys. Chem. B,121, 164-173,(2017)
409 The adsorption of CO2 on graphene: A combined TPD, XPS, vdW-DF study
K. Takeuchi, S. Yamamoto, Y. Hamamoto, Y. Shiozawa, K. Tashima, H. Fukidome, T. Koitaya, K. Mukai, S. Yoshimoto, M. Suemitsu, Y. Morikawa, J. Yoshinobu, and I. Matsuda, J. Phys. Chem. C,121,2807-2814,(2017)
408 First-principles investigation on local structure deformation induced by x-ray irradiation in kappa-(BEDT-TTF)2Cu[N(CN)2]Br
L. Kang, K. Akagi, K. Hayashi and T. Sasaki, Phys. Rev. B,submitted,,(2017)
407 Intrinsic origin of electron scattering at the 4H-SiC(0001)/SiO2 interface
S. Iwase, C. J. Kirkham, T. Ono, Phys. Rev. B,,95,041302(R) 1-5,(2017)
406 Self-energy operator matrix for electron transport calculations within real-space finite-difference formalism
S. Tsukamoto, T. Ono, K. Hirose, S. Blugel, Phys. Rev. E,accepted.,,(2017)
405 First-principles calculation method and its applications for two-dimensional materials
Y. Egami, S. Tsukamoto, T. Ono, Quantum Matter,,accepted.,,(2017)
404 Emergence of the Dirac Electron System in a Single-Component Molecular Conductor under High Pressure
Reizo Kato, HengBo Cui, Takao Tsumuraya, Tsuyoshi Miyazaki, and Yoshikazu Suzumura, J. Am. Chem. Soc,139 (5), pp 1770–1773,(2017)
403 Machine Learning for Atomic Forces in a Crystalline Solid: Transferability to Various Temperatures
T. Suzuki, R. Tamura, T. Miyazaki , Int. J. Quantum Chem,117[1], 33-39,(2017)
402 Determination of geometric and electronic structures of organic crystals from first principles: Role of the molecular configuration on the electronic structure,
S. Yanagisawa nd I. Hamada,, J. Appl. Phys.,121,045501-1-10,(2017)
401 Charge transport calculations by a wave-packet dynamical approach using maximally localized Wannier functions based on density functional theory:Application to high-mobility organic semiconductors
H. Ishii, N. Kobayashi, K. Hirose, Phys. Rev. B,95, 035433-1-7,(2017)
400 Dynamics of the triplet pair state reveals the likely co-existence of coherent and incoherent singlet fission in crystalline hexacene
N. R. Monahan, D. Su, *H. Tamura, K. W. Williams, B. Xu, Y. Zhong, B. Kumar, C. Nuckolls, A. R. Harutyunyan, G. Chen, H.-L. Dai, D. Beljonne, Y. Rao, X.-Y. Zhu,, Nature Chemistry,In press,,(2017)
399 Comparative Study of Single and Dual Gain-Narrowed Emission in 2 Thiophene/Furan/Phenylene Co-Oligomer Single Crystals
H. Shang, H. Shimotani, S. Ikeda, T. Kanagasekaran, K. Oniwa, T. Jin, N. Asao, Y. Yamamoto, *H. Tamura, K. Abe, M. Kanno, M. Yoshizawa, and K. Tanigaki, J Phys. Chem. C,,121,2364–2368,(2017)
398 Common folding processes of the fast-folding proteins: Partial formations of secondary structures initiate the immediate protein folding
*R. Harada,*Y. Takano, *Y. Shigeta,, J. Comput. Chem,In press,,(2017)
397 A single amino acid mutation converts (R)-5-diphosphomevalonate decarboxylase into a kinase
K. Motoyama, H. Unno, A. Hattori, T. Takaoka, H. Ishikita, H. Kawaide, T. Yoshimura, *H. Hemmi, J. Biol. Chem,In press,,(2017)
396 Structurally conserved channels in cyanobacterial and plant photosystem II
N. Sakashita, H. C. Watanabe, T. Ikeda, *H. Ishikita, Photosynth, Res,In press,,(2017)
395 蛍光X線ホログラムからの3次元原子像再生のXcalableMPによる並列化
窪田 昌史, 松下 智裕, 八方 直久, 情報処理学会論文誌プログラミング(PRO),,10,30,(2017)
394 High-Mobility and Low-Carrier-Density Sputtered-MoS2 Film by Introducing Residual Sulfur during Low-Temperature in 3%-H2 Annealing for 3D-ICs
Jun’ichi Shimizu, Takumi Ohashi, Kentaro Matsuura, Iriya Muneta, Kuniyuki Kakushima, Kazuo Tsutsui and Hitoshi Wakabayashi, Japanese Journal of Applied Physics,accepted and to be published,,(2017)
393 Structural model of ultrathin gold nanorods based on high-resolution transmission electron microscopy: Twinned 1Doligomers of cuboctahedrons
R. Takahata, S. Yamazoe, K. Koyasu, T. Tsukuda, J. Phys. Chem. C,accepted,,(2017)
392 Structural Study of Electrochemically Lithiated Si
A. Omachi, N. Aoki, K. Uosaki, T. Kondo, ECS Trans,In press,,(2017)
391 Layer-by-Layer Construction of Three-dimensional MOF [Cu2(bdc)2dabco]n on Au Surface
M. Hase, W.-J. Chun, and T. Kondo, ECS Trans,In press,,(2017)
390 Electrocatalytic Activity for Oxygen Reduction Reaction of Electrochemically Prepared Ni Core – Pt Shell Nanoparticles
M. Ueda, T. Kondo, ECS Trans,In press,,(2017)
389 Intrinsic Superhydrophilicity of Titania-terminated Surfaces
S. Kawasaki, E. Holmström, R. Takahashi, P. Spijker, A. Foster, H. Onishi, M. Lippmaa., Journal of Physical Chemistry C,In press,,(2017)
388 Site-selective antimony doping in arsenic zigzag chains of 112-Type Ca1-xLaxFeAs2
H. Ota, K. Kudo, T. Kimura, Y. Kitahama, T. Mizukami, S. Ioka, M. Nohara, J. Phys. Soc. Jpn, 86(2), ,025002 (2 pages),(2017)
387 Enhanced Superconductivity in Close Proximity to the Structural Phase Transition of Sr1-xBaxNi2P2
K. Kudo, Y. Kitahama, K. Iba, M. Takasuga, M. Nohara, J. Phys. Soc. Jpn.,86(3),035001 (2 pages),(2017)
386 Pyrimidine-Based Twisted Donor–Acceptor Delayed Fluorescence Molecules: A New Universal Platform for Highly Efficient Blue Electroluminescence
I. S. Park, H. Komiyama, and T. Yasuda, Chem. Sci,8,953-960 ,(2017)
385 Versatile Molecular Functionalization for Inhibiting Concentration Quenching of Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence
J. Lee, N. Aizawa, M. Numata, C. Adachi, and T. Yasuda, Adv. Mater,29, 1604856,(2017)
384 Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Properties of Regioisomeric Xanthone-Based Twisted Intramolecular Charge-Transfer Luminophores
J. Lee, I. S. Park, and T. Yasuda, Bull. Chem. Soc. Jpn,90,231-236,(2017)
383 Tunable Full-Color Electroluminescence from All-Organic Optical Upconversion Devices by Near-Infrared Sensing
H. Tachibana, N. Aizawa, Y. Hidaka, and T. Yasuda, ACS Photonics,4,In press,(2017)
382 Influence of indium supply on Au-catalyzed InGaAs nanowire growth studied by in situ X-ray diffraction
T. Sasaki and M. Takahasi, J. Cryst. Growth,,In press,(2017)
381 Strain relaxation and compositional separation during growth of InGaAs/GaAs(001)
R. Deki, T. Sasaki and M. Takahasi, J. Cryst. Growth,,In press,(2017)
380 In situ X-ray diffraction of GaAs/MnSb/Ga(In)As heterostructures
P.J. Mousley, C.W. Burrows, M.J. Ashwin, M. Takahasi, T. Sasaki and G.R. Bell, physica status solidi (b),,In press,(2017)


379 Development of an X-ray fluorescence holographic measurement system for protein crystals
A. Sato-Tomita, N. Shibayama, N. Happo, K. Kimura, T. Okabe, T. Matsushita, S.-Y. Park, Y.C. Sasaki, and *K. Hayashi, Rev. Sci. Instrum.,87,063707-(1-9),(2016)
378 Photoelectrochemical water splitting enhanced by self-assembled metal nanopillars embedded in an oxide semiconductor photoelectrode
S. Kawasaki, R. Takahashi, T. Yamamoto, M. Kobayashi, H. Kumigashira, J. Yoshinobu, F. Komori, A. Kudo, *M. Lippmaa, Nature Commun.,7,11818-(1-6),(2016)
377 Synthesis of (imido)vanadium(V) dichloride complexes containing anionic N-heterocyclic carbenes that contain a weakly coordinating borate moiety: New MAO-free ethylene polymerization catalysts
A. Igarashi, E. L. Kolychev, *M. Tamm, *K. Nomura, Organometallics,35,1778–1784,(2016)
376 A Pd-bisphosphine complex and organic functionalities immobilized on the same SiO2 surface: detailed characterization and its use as an efficient catalyst for allylation
K. Motokura, K. Saitoh, H. Noda, W.-J. Chun, A. Miyaji, S. Yamaguchi, *T. Baba, Catal. Sci. Technol.,6,5380-5388,(2016)
375 Synthesis and photocatalytic activity of a naphthyl-substituted photosensitizing BINAP−palladium complex
S. Changsu, and *A. Inagaki, Dalton Trans.,45,1331–1334,(2016)
374 Photocatalytic pxygenation of sulfides and alkenes by trinuclear ruthenium clusters
S. Phungsripheng, K. Kozawa, M. Akita, and *A. Inagaki, Inorg. Chem.,55,3750–3758,(2016)
373 A divalent rare earth oxide semiconductor: Yttrium monoxide
K. Kaminaga, R. Sei, K. Hayashi, N. Happo, H. Tajiri, D. Oka, *T. Fukumura, T. Hasegawa, Appl. Phys. Lett.,108,122102-(1-4),(2016)
372 Curie temperature of Co-doped TiO2 as functions of carrier density and Co content evaluated from electrical transport and magnetization at low temperature regime
T. Krasienapibal, *T. Fukumura, T. Hasegawa, AIP Adv.,6,055802-(1-5),(2016)
371 Crystalline quality and structure of MBE-grown ferromagnetic semiconductor ZnSnAs2:Mn thin films revealed by high-resolution x-ray diffraction measurements
*N. Uchitomi, H. Toyota, T. Takahashi,, Z. Physik. Chem.,230,499-508,(2016)
370 Photoluminescence characterization of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 solar cell process
*S. Shirakata, Phys. Status Solidi B,252,1211-1218,(2016)
369 Experimental determination of dependence of vertical growth rate on surface supersaturation in GaAs(001) microchannel epitaxy and growth optimization
M. Tomita, Y. Mizuno, H. Takakura, D. Kambayashi, *S. Naritsuka, T. Maruyama, J. Cryst. Growth,440,13-16,(2016)
368 Optical pump-THz probe analysis of long-lived d-electrons and relaxation to self-trapped exciton states in MnO
*J. Nishitani, T. Nagashima, M. Lippmaa, and T. Suemoto, Appl. Phys. Lett.,108,162101-(1-5),(2016)
367 The effect of polar (111)-oriented SrTiO3 on initial perovskite growth
I. Hallsteinsen, M. Nord, T. Bolstad, P. -E. Vullum, J. E. Boschker, P. Longo, R. Takahashi, R. Holmestad, M. Lippmaa, *T. Tybell, Cryst. Growth Des.,16,2357-2362,(2016)
366 Co-immobilization of a palladium-bisphosphine complex and strong organic base on a silica surface for heterogeneous synergistic catalysis
K. Motokura, K. Saitoh, H. Noda, Y. Uemura, W.-J. Chun, A. Miyaji, S. Yamaguchi, *T. Baba, ChemCatChem,8,331-335,(2016)
365 Direct estimation of the surface location of immobilized functional groups for concerted catalysis using a probe molecule
H. Noda, K. Motokura, Y. Wakabayashi, K. Sasaki, H. Tajiri, A. Miyaji, S. Yamaguchi, *T. Baba, Chem. Eur. J.,22,5113-5117,(2016)
364 Design of core-Pd/shell-Ag nanocomposite catalyst for selective semihydrogenation of alkynes
T. Mitsudome, T. Urayama, K. Yamazaki, Y. Maehara, J. Yamasaki, K. Gohara, Z. Maeno, T. Mizugaki, K. Jitsukawa, *K. Kaneda, ACS Catal.,6,666-670,(2016)
363 Photoprecursor Approach Enables Preparation of Well-Performing Bulk-Heterojunction Layers Comprising a Highly Aggregating Molecular Semiconductor
M. Suzuki, Y. Yamaguchi, K. Takahashi, K. Takahira, T. Koganezawa, S. Masuo, *K. Nakayama, *H. Yamada, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces,8,8644-8651,(2016)
362 Synthesis and transistor application of the extremely extended phenacene molecule, [9]phenacene
Y. Shimo, T. Mikami, S. Hamao, H. Goto, H. Okamoto, R. Eguchi, S. Gohda, Y. Hayashi, *Y. Kubozono, Sci. Rep.,6,21008-(1-13),(2016)
361 Correlation of superconductivity with crystal structure in (NH3)yCsxFeSe
L. Zheng, X. Miao, Y. Sakai, H. Goto, E. Uesugi, R. Eguchi, S. Nishiyama, K. Sugimoto, A. Fujiwara *Y. Kubozono, Phys. Rev. B,93,104508-(1-7),(2016)
360 Temperature dependent local atomic displacements in ammonia intercalated iron selenide superconductor
*E. Paris, L. Simonelli, T. Wakita, C. Marini, J.-H. Lee, W. Olszewski, K. Terashima, T. Kakuto, N. Nishimoto, T. Kimura, K. Kudo, T. Kambe, M. Nohara, T. Yokoya, and N.L. Saini, Sci. Rep.,6,27646-(1-8),(2016)
359 Potential-Dependent Structures and Potential-Induced Structure Changes at Pt(111) Single-Crystal Electrode/Sulfuric and Perchloric Acid Interfaces in the Potential Region between Hydrogen Underpotential Deposition and Surface Oxide Formation by in situ Surface X-ray Scattering
*T. Kondo, T. Masuda, N. Aoki, and K. Uosaki, J. Phys. Chem. C,,,(2016)
358 High-efficiency blue organic light-emitting diodes based on thermally activated delayed fluorescence from phenoxaphosphine and phenoxathiin derivatives
S.Y. Lee, C. Adachi, and *T. Yasuda, Adv. Mater.,28,4626–4631,(2016)
357 Aggregation-Induced Delayed Fluorescence Based on Donor/Acceptor-Tethered Janus Carborane Triads: Unique Photophysical Properties for Non-Doped OLEDs
R. Furue, T. Nishimoto, I. S. Park, J. Lee, and *T. Yasuda, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.,55,7171-7175,(2016)
356 A phenoxaborin-based high-efficiency blue delayed fluorescence material
I.S. Park, M. Numata, C. Adachi, and *T. Yasuda, Bull. Chem. Soc. Jpn.,,,(2016)
355 Observation of momentum-resolved charge fluctuations proximate to the charge-order phase using resonant inelastic x-ray scattering
M. Yoshida, *K. Ishii, M. Naka, S. Ishihara, I. Jarrige, K. Ikeuchi, Y. Murakami, K. Kudo, Y. Koike, T. Nagata, Y. Fukada, N. Ikeda, and J. Mizuki, , Sci. Rep.,6,23611-(1-8),(2016)
354 Composition-induced structural instability and strong-coupling superconductivity in Au1-xPdxTe2
*K. Kudo, H. Ishii, and *M. Nohara, Phys. Rev. B,93,140505(R)-(1-5),(2016)
353 A new way to synthesize superconducting metal-intercalated C60 and FeSe
Y. Takahei, K. Tomita, Y. Itoh, K. Ashida, J.-H. Lee, N. Nishimoto, T. Kimura, K. Kudo, M. Nohara, Y. Kubozono, *T. Kambe, Sci. Rep.,6,18931-(1-7),(2016)
352 Enhancement of critical current density in a Ca0.85La0.15Fe(As0.92Sb0.08)2 superconductor with Tc = 47 K through 3 MeV proton irradiation
A. Park, A. Mine, T. Yamada, F. Ohtake, H. Akiyama, Y. Sun, S. Pyon, *T. Tamegai, Y. Kitahama, T. Mizukami, K. Kudo, M. Nohara, and H. Kitamura, Supercond. Sci. Technol.,29,055006(1-6),,(2016)
351 Full-color delayed fluorescence materials based on wedge-shaped phthalonitriles and dicyanopyrazines: systematic design, tunable photophysical properties, and OLED performance
I.S. Park, S. Y. Lee, C. Adachi, *T. Yasuda,, Adv. Funct. Mater.,26,1813-1821,(2016)
350 Effects of growth temperature and growth rate on polytypes in gold-catalyzed GaAs nanowires studied by in situ X-ray diffraction
*M. Takahasi, M. Kozu, and T. Sasaki, Jpn. J. Appl. Phys.,55,04EJ04-(1-4),(2016)
349 Interfacial atomic-site characterization by photoelectron diffraction for 4H-AlN/4H-SiC(11-20) hetero junction
*N. Maejima, M. Horita, H. Matsui, T. Matsushita, H. Daimon, *F. Matsui, J. Phys. Soc. Jpn.,55,085701-(1-4),(2016)
348 Short- and intermediate-range order in amorphous GeTe
*J. Stellhorn, S. Hosokawa, W.-Ch. Pilgrim, N. Blanc, N. Boudet, and H. Tajiri, , Physica Status Solidi B,253,1038–1045 ,(2016)
347 Large As sublattice distortion in sphalerite ZnSnAs2 thin films revealed by x-ray fluorescence holography
*K. Hayashi, N. Uchitomi, K. Yamagami, A. Suzuki, H. Yoshizawa, J. T. Asubar, N. Happo, and S. Hosokawa,, J. Appl. Phys.,119,125703-(1-9),(2016)
346 Local structure of room-temperature superionic Ag-GeSe3 glasses
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345 Development of Micro-Photoelectron Diffraction at SPring-8 BL25SU
K. Sugita, N. Maejima, H. Nishikawa, T. Matsushita, *F. Matsui, e-J. Surf. Sci., Nanotechnol.,14,59-62,(2016)
344 Circular Dichroism in Cu Resonant Auger Electron Diffraction
*F. Matsui, N. Maejima, H. Matsui, H. Nishikawa, H. Daimon, T. Matsushita, M. Muntwiler, R. Stania, T. Greber, Z. Physik. Chem.,230,519-535,(2016)
343 Chemical and orbital fluctuations in Ba3CuSb2O9
*Y. Wakabayashi, D. Nakajima, Y. Ishiguro, K. Kimura, T. Kimura, S. Tsutsui, A.Q.R. Baron, K. Hayashi, N. Happo, S. Hosokawa, K. Ohwada, and S. Nakatsuji, Phys. Rev. B,93,245117,(2016)
342 Confirmation of no structural and chemical changes in Curie temperature variable Co ultrathin films by electric field
*Y.Wakabayashi, H.Fujii, T.Kimura, O.Sakata, H.Tajiri, T.Koyama, and D.Chiba, , Z. Physik. Chem.,230,569-575,(2016)
341 Dynamical Response of the Electric Double Layer Structure of the DEME-TFSI Ionic Liquid to Potential Changes Observed by Time-Resolved X-ray Reflectivity
*W. Voegeli, E. Arakawa, T. Matsushita, O. Sakata, and Y. Wakabayashi, Z. Physik. Chem.,230,577-585,(2016)
340 A nearly on-axis spectroscopic system for simultaneously measuring UV-visible absorption and X-ray diffraction in the SPring-8 structural genomics beamline
M. Sakaguchi, T. Kimura, T. Nishida, T. Tosha, H. Sugimoto, Y. Yamaguchi, S. Yanagisawa, G. Ueno, H. Murakami, H. Ago, M. Yamamoto, T. Ogura, *Y. Shiro, and *M. Kubo, J. Synchrotron Rad.,23,334-338,(2016)
339 Self-consistent van der Waals density functional study of benzene adsorption on Si(100)
*Y. Hamamoto, I. Hamada, K. Inagaki, and Y. Morikawa, Phys. Rev. B,93,245440,(2016)
338 Inverse Ubbelohde effect in the short hydrogen bond of photosystem II: Relation between H/D isotope effect and symmetry in potential energy profile
*Y. Kanematsu, M. Tachikawa, *Y. Takano, J. Comput. Chem.,37,2140-2145,(2016)
337 Theoretical Study on Electronic Structure of Bathocuproine: Renormalization of the Band Gap in the Crystalline State and the Large Exciton Binding Energy
*S. Yanagisawa, S. Hatada, and Y. Morikawa, J. Chin. Chem. Soc.,63,1-8,(2016)
336 Density Functional Theory Investigationsj of Ferrocene-Terminated Self-Assembled Monolayers: Electronic State Changes Induced by Electric Dipole Field of Coadsorbed Species
*Y. Yokota, S. Akiyama, Y. Kaneda, A. Imanishi, K. Inagaki, *Y. Morikawa, and *K. Fukui, J. Phys. Chem. C,120,8684-8692,(2016)
335 Mechanism for enhanced single-crystal GaN growth in the C-assisted Na-flux method
*T. Kawamura, H. Imabayashi, M. Maruyama, M. Imade, M. Yoshimura, Y. Mori, and Y. Morikawa, Appl. Phys. Express,9,015601-1-4,(2016)
334 Suppressing molecular vibrations in organic semiconductors by inducing strain
T. Kubo, R. Haüsermann, J. Tsurumi, J. Soeda, Y. Okada, Y. Yamashita, N. Akamatsu, *A. Shishido, C. Mitsui, T. Okamoto, S. Yanagisawa, *H. Matsui and *J. Takeya, Nature Commun.,7,11156-(1-7),(2016)
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