Coordination Committee X00

Planning of strategy of this project.  Coordination and supports of collaborations between members. Selection of Open Type Researches. Holding meetings of Committee and progress reports,  Applying beam times of facilities.  Managements of equipment.  Publicity activities of this project.  Organization of international symposiums.  Nurtring of young researchers.  Promotion of international collaborations.

Sample A01 (Planned Research Group 1~4)

Provision of samples for experiments in this project (single crystals, epitaxial films, control of molecular sequence、manipulation of
single molecule), preparation of cell for time-resolved measurements, development of novel techniques to reduce damages of organic materials and biomaterials by strong X ray or electron beams.

A01-01 Inorganic Materials group
A01-02: Nano Catalysis
A01-03 Organic Device gorup
A01-04 Biological Materials

Technique A02 (Planned Research Group 5~8)

Development of high level novel technology of 3D atomic imaging (doped elements, surface/interface, nanostructures), multi probes investigations of identical samples, information sharing of novel experimental techniques such as time-resolved measurements.

A02-05: Fluorescent X-rays Holography
A02-06: Photoelectron Holography
A02-07: Surface/Interface Holography

Theory  A03 (Planned Research Group 9~12)

Improvement and preparation of platforms of algorithms for visualization of atomic images,  estimation of stability and of 3D local atomic structures and electron states by the first principle calculations , investigations of mechanism of functionality, novel material design

A03-09: First-principles Electronic Structure Theory
A03-11: Biomolecular simulation group

Application A04 (Planned Research Group13)

wift industrial application of results of this project.  Development of novel device process under collaborations with A1-A3 groups.  Materials Design of Novel functional materials.  Development of Novel industrial techniques, such as, dopant control of Si semiconductors, highly active dopants in next generation application materials of Ge, graphen, and so on.

A04-12 Atomic image reconstruction
A04-13:  Device Applications



Target materials of this project are quite varied; inorganic materials, soft-matter, functional application and so on.  In particular, we challenge to investigate roles in active-sites in biomaterials.  We are developing novel experimental techniques for 3D atomic imaging to obtain high quality data.  Based on the data, we challenge to elucidate functions of active-sites of materials by theoretical approach by the first principle calculations.  Our final goal is creation of epoch‐making materials science based on elucidation of functions of materials by development of in-situ and/or time-resolve measurements techniques to observe reaction process itself directly.