05 Fluorescent X-rays Holography

We aim at establishing a holography technique to observe light elements active-sites by complementary user of neutrons and X-ray.  Using neutron and fluorescent Xray holography, We aims at observing local structures around doped boron in materials , and at applications to investigations of dopants in soft materials.

[TARGET 1] 3D Light Elements Imaging by Neutron Holography
We will realize world-first pulsed neutron holography at MLF of J-PARC, which is the brightest neutron facility in the world, to visualize 3D images of light elements in materials.   The first target will be functional materials with B doping.

[TARGET 2] Development of Novel Instruments for soft X ray Holography
We develop novel instruments for fluorescent X-rays holograhy in the soft Xr-ay region to investigate 3D local structures of relatively lighter elements such as Ca, K.  We pioneer active-sites investigations in organic- and bio-materials.

[TARGET 3] Observations of 3D active-sites in protein crystals
Using the developed techniques for visualization of light elements and cooling method to reduce radiation damages of soft-matter samples, we pioneer investigation of 3D active-sites in biomaterials, which has been difficult by any conventional methods.


Principal Investigator

Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya Institute for Technology,



Professor, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Ibaraki University,



Professor, Graduate School of Science and Technology, Kumamoto University

Research Field : Structure and dynamics of materials using synchrotron radiation
Comment : Very busy for educations on fundamental physics and scientific studies at a local university but it’s a quite fun




Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya Institute for Technology,