14 Coordination Committee Evaluator

Coordination Committee Evaluator
Make evaluation and give advices about the activity of the coordination committee as required.


・ F. Chen (Professor, University of Science & Technology of Beijing)
・ L. Cser (Professor, Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
・ C. Fadley (Professor, Dept. of Physics, University of California)
・ G. Faigel (Professor, Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
・ J. Osterwalder (Professor, Surface Physics, University of Zurich)
・ D. K. Saldin (Professor, University of Wisconsin)
・ Sukekatsu Ushioda(Chief Director,NIMS)
・ Retsu Oiwa(President, Scienta Omicron, Inc.)
・ Masaharu Oshima(Emeritus Professor.,University of Tokyo)
・ Tomoyuki Kakeshita(Professor, Osaka University)
・ Maki Kawai(Profossor, University of Tokyo)
・ Masaru Tsukada (Emeritus Professor, Tohoku University)
・ Nobuo Niimura (Researcher for special mission, Ibaraki University)