2. H29(2017) Public participation

H29 Public offering

About public offering of Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Reseach (KAKENHI).

 Name3D active-site science 
 Number of Research Area 2604
 Term of Project FY2017-2018
 Head Investigator Hiroshi Daimon


An active-site, which is a local atomic arrangement such as dopant or hetero-interface in materials, or nano-materials, plays an important role in most of functional materials. This innovative area "3D Active-Site Science" is a new fundamental scientific area which studies how the active-site in a functional material expresses the function by revealing the 3D atomic structure around specific atoms by using cutting edge technology “Atomic resolution holography” combined with advanced sample synthesis method and computational science. The subject of this area includes very wide range of materials such as catalyses, solar cells, protein molecules and so on. This area can create a new scientific area of “Local structural science” which can produce an innovative device by an approach completely different from conventional method.
This area conducts research by four project-research groups listed below, and each group collects several new projects from public as listed in the table below.
The aim of this area is to study the 3D atomic structure, the mechanism of functionality, materials design, and device application by revealing the dopant structure, reactive center, interface structure, nano-materials, and active-site in protein molecules and so on. We expect the public proposals of this year to enrich the sample varieties, new 3D atomic imaging techniques, computational analysis and design of active-site, and application study. We welcome new original and challenging proposals from young researchers especially related to the device development and application.

Research group and number of projects

Upper limit of Annual Budget : 3 million yen

 Research Group Number of research projects scheduled to be selected
 A01  Production of active-site materials (Sample group) 4
 A02  Analysis and development of next generation 3D imaging techniques (Method group) 2
 A03  Theoretical analysis and prediction of the functionality of active-site and design of new functional materials (Theory group) 2
 A04  Device development and application (Application group) 6